I have been fearful of many things in my life, but none of these fears has been any intense on me than the reality that I would be clocking a new age today. Damn! It terrifies that thing you call adulthood out of me.

2. You know what happens when you have grown to be an adult while you are still a teenager. You know the feelings that come with the responsibility of catering for yourselves while you still live under your parent? I do not know if that feeling is exclusive, but what I do know is the…

I conducted user interviews to understand how, Pharmacie, a feature in a medical application that enables patients to be able to request for drug prescription and renew prescription. While there are other extreme users, my research and solution focused on these two primary users:

  • One who uses the app to request prescription for himself/herself
  • One who uses the app to request prescription for someone else.

As a result, I created these two personas to represent my users.

Olanrewaju Akin, a Software Developer, and Mrs. Obianuju Elizabeth, a Project Manager and a mother of two, use the e-Hospital Mobile Application for…

This is dedicated to Rianat, Teefah, Bintu, Lola, Olamilekan, Tola, Folasade & Kehinde. To everyone who helped me in one way or the other in other to keep floating. To fellow sane madman finding clarity. and To myself.

This is me in November of 2020

Part One: Prelude To This Madness

I have always wanted to live without the hassle of wanting to be seen or acknowledged by myself and some other random strangers who don’t give a damn about who I am. In sincerity, I have always wanted to vanish without a trace. …

When we started out in 2019, Mujeeb, Yussuf and I had come together to build a platform to promote African arts, our focus being on visual arts. And because it was African, I was eager towards it. So we did the necessary things, built the platform, and formed a team, but we didn’t launch. Reason best known to us. We didn’t dissolve the team but the members reduced to three of us and we just moved on with our lives. Though, Mujeeb would always bring it up in our conversations.

And after we were inactive for close to 6 months…

Love Does Not Change A Sociopath
Love Does Not Change A Sociopath

“Hello babe! What should I get you and the kids?”

I was driving along Ring Road when I pulled over at Palms Mall to call my wife. And asking her that question wasn’t alien to her. She knew the question, often times, was always borne out of guilt over something I had done to her.

But the long silence after the question was irritating to me. Most times when this happened, she always requested for a large size Domino Pizza and vanilla ice cream which we would eat late into the night, ironing out our misunderstandings while the kids fidgeted…

I haven’t lived in a country where there’s first class racism, neither have I experienced racism consciously, but somehow, I feel the presence of racism everywhere in my country. In the food we eat, the accent we speak, the regalia we choose to wear and in the many names we give our skin colour, to pacify us on the effect of racism that was inflicted not directly on us, or rather to let us have the sense of belonging to a world we both own without having to travel across the Atlantic or Mediterranean.

Having grown up to a world…

Imagine waking up very early in the morning, after a night of wars between your walls, fighting to win over your gemini, and you’ve even forgotten in the process of fighting, who is real and who’s the duplicate. Imagine waking up that mild morning and telling an African parent that you have a mental health issues. Imagine…

Now imagine the African parents are uneducated literate. Imagine they even speak English fluently despite not learning beyond Form 5. Imagine they know the importance of you going to school and giving you the best of education, but are still in the world…

Dear friend,

I had decided to hang my pen since you kicked the bucket on this field called life, and today, I am prompted to write about you, but then, how could I reduce my feelings into words? How could I write you beautiful lines on a filthy sheet and allow the winds to swim it to your world? How could I write you the bittersweet memories without the quill breaking and the ink getting drained? How could I write a wreath for a wayfarer without the rivers from the eyes making confluence at the chin to mourn your departure?

Today, everyone has become philosophers, dishing out relationship tips here and there. The environment is saturated with it already, and you might really get bored at every instant someone starts to lecture you on things like - don’t date this type, boys are scum and should be treated as such, girls are cheap to get and if one leaves another comes, and some other long boring stories that our ears bear on our behalf.

Well, I must tell you this particular piece is also one of those boring pieces you would read, but unlike others, I am not trying to…

While coming from work this evening, I saw two lovebirds holding hands and swinging it gently as they walked. The girl, her hair was a braid and its tip gently dropped on her left shoulder each time she rested her head on the boy’s shoulder. And her ebony skin glowed as they passed under the Cocoa Dome’s security light. I didn’t see her face, but with the radiance of her skin, she must have been an epitome of African beauty (I wish I was not wrong).

The girl held on her right hand a plastic of chips, while the boy…

Malik Kolade

Thinker and Writer | Design Enthusiast | Advocate for Inclusive Digital Skills At Secondary Education Level. "I am lost, and I want to be found."

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